The history of cosmetics goes back a long way̶right up to the birth of humankind. Cosmetics are, in fact, a kind of “culture” created by human beings in order to satisfy their innate craving for beauty, to differentiate between the sexes, and to indicate social position such as status, class, tribe, or age.
Today cosmetics have become indispensable tools of personal care and self-expression. With the passage of time, cosmetics have also acquired a deeper significance in terms of allowing people to work intimately as part of society and to form deep interpersonal bonds.
Shinobu Suzuki, the founder of POLA, used to say that he wanted to bring directly to every woman the best products along with skin care tailored to meet individual needs.
Since its establishment, POLA has always held this to be its guiding principle and will continue to do so in the coming years.
We are now an advanced material civilization, and cosmetics play an especially important role in allowing people to both emotionally and culturally live “beautiful and fulfilled” lives.
At POLA, we take great pride in being able to contribute to that.
We are equally happy to be engaged in culture and arts support projects such as the POLA Museum of Art, the POLA Art Foundation, and the POLA Foundation for the Promotion of Traditional Japanese Culture to help create a beautiful and affluent society.

In order to become a brand that continues to be loved and chosen by all people pursuing beauty, POLA has redefined the values it has cherished for over 80 years and integrated them into the new slogan: “Science. Art. Love.” We are committed to polishing and advancing each of these values long into the future, both for our customers and for society.
By associating and connecting with POLA, we hope every single customer gains a special, personal experience of emotions that not only fulfills their desire for beauty but also satisfies their heart.
We aspire to become a company that can share many of these emotions to help create an even more beautiful and affluent society.
We are determined to continue working every day toward this goal.
As POLA embarks toward a new stage of activity, we hope you will continue to give us your warm support.

President, POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS INC. Chairman, POLA Inc.
Satoshi Suzuki

President, POLA Inc.
Takenaga Miki