Mortar used for making POLA’s first cream

Our Company Objective from Day 1

“I want to directly present the very best things, together with thegrooming that is right for each customer.”
̶ Shinobu Suzuki, POLA Founde

Corporate Philosophy

Science. Art. Love.

Creating everlasting happiness among people and communities wishing for beauty and health.

Science  Producing innovation through scientific curiosity and endeavors.
Art    Generating surprise and emotion through exemplary beauty and technique.
Love   Building loving, lasting relationships with respect for every individual.

It’s true in every era.
Science advances humanity.
Art teaches us about beauty.
The two become one, creating something new.
New products. New lives. New joy.
This is POLA’s approach to beauty.
And there’s one more thing we cherish.

It’s not wishful thinking, nor is it difficult.
With love, all you need to do is have a little imagination.
Think of customers as someone you love.
What would make your mother look prettier?
What does your older sister need at work?
What would you give your daughter who just started wearing makeup?
This is how your thoughts toward beauty and health gain limitless power.

Science. Art. Love.
The combined power of these elements, for each and every woman. To create unseen beauty. To deliver new joy.
That is POLA’s promise.

Making people beautiful is beautiful work.