Business Domains

“I want to directly present the very best things, together with the grooming that is right for each customer.” Following these words from its founder, Shinobu Suzuki, POLA places great importance on its company objective and to embodying its customers’ idea of beauty. To support its flagship business of personal sales visits, POLA has placed “BEAUTY DIRECTORS” across the country,each a true beauty specialist equipped with advanced consultation skills and beauty technology. This system allows POLA to interact face-to-face with each and every customer in order to further expand its business.

Scope of Business

POLA aims to develop both its domestic and international business by supporting customers’ definition of “beauty” from various angles including its skin care and makeup brands as well as beauty services. Within Japan, POLA is dedicated to developing multiple sales channels to allow customers to select sales and service locations that suit their lifestyle.

Business in Japan

Business around the World

POLA has expanded into markets in six countries throughout Asia (as of December 2021), offering both products and esthetic services. In order to offer the highquality service sought by women in each country, locally hired staff adopts POLA’s unique hospitality that includes skin analysis, consultation, and esthetic techniques cultivated in Japan.

Products Handled

Beauty Care

In order to offer total beauty coordination, POLA places a strong focus on miscellaneous beauty goods and fashions. From hair dryers to body fashion goods and jewelry, our product development goals are not limited to a single genre.

Practitioner Service

Aesthetic Services

POLA has continuously developed original care methods based on anatomical science since offering the first facial massages in 1938. Thanks to the opportunity to provide customers with attentive hands-on skin care, at POLA, we have come to cherish the time we spend with the skin of our customers.

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  1. Improves wrinkles: Significance was obtained in the evaluation criteria of the anti-wrinkle product evaluation guidelines for acquisition of new efficacy,as determined by the Japanese Cosmetic Science Society.