POLA and Sustainability

“Creating Societies Full of Connections”

In 2029, POLA will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding. In line with its corporate philosophy of “Science. Art. Love.” and together with the ever-changing customers and society it has continuously served through the generations, POLA has constantly pursued the possibilities of beauty and health. Since the founding of the company, we have dedicated ourselves to becoming an indispensable presence, or the Special One, both to our nearest and dearest and to people all over the world. Our mission is to help shape a "society full of connections that offers belief in the potential of oneself and society", which is a way of life that enables individuals to believe in their own potential and also in the potential future of people and communities. POLA’s vision is to create a society in which everyone can feel free to be themselves and connect with each other, to aim for a future in which we all can enjoy and experience life more richly and colorfully. To realize this vision, we are undertaking a variety of projects and initiatives focused on social, economic, and environmental themes based on a sustainable perspective. Of course, these POLA initiatives are supported by the power of people. As we work together with our 30,000+ POLA Beauty Directors (BDs) across Japan and numerous Beauty Coordinators (BCs) around the world to develop and grow our business, we are also firmly committed to the realization of a more sustainable world.

Miki Oikawa (Miki Takenaga), Representative Director and President

POLA Sustainability Cycle for Addressing Social Challenges

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