From beautiful skin, to a beautiful person.

Skin is a symbol of beauty. But we don’t believe that’s the full story.
At POLA, we have been in pursuit of what it means to have beautiful skin.
And there’s something we have come to understand after examining women’s skin more times than we can count.
People who are truly beautiful have not only beautiful skin, but beauty hidden on the inside as well.
From beautiful skin, to a beautiful person. This is not the beauty of youth, or beauty that is simply decorative.
With each passing year, the beauty of an individual is enhanced, both inside and out.
We want to be the ones to deliver beauty to each individual. Now, to you.

Enhance your ability to grow more beautiful.
POLA present its Sustainable Beauty Theory.

We’ve come to the end of makeshift anti-aging care.
No more over-reaching, and nothing unnatural. POLA is now advocating this way of being beautiful, a way of thinking we call “sustainable beauty”.
With this way of thinking, each person steadily strengthens their natural ability to become beautiful.
This is POLA’s beauty philosophy.

Beautiful people have three strengths.

The Sustainable Beauty Theory focuses on the three powers that all people inherently possess.
These are the power of beautiful skin, where the skin displays the strength to become beautiful on its own, the power of vitality, the overall strength of both body and mind, and the power of attraction, which expresses one’s unique beauty.
An important aspect of these three powers is that each influences the others,
creating a beautiful spiral.
The person you find beautiful is already within you.