“I want to help with my wife’s rough hands.”From this idea, POLA’s self-taught founder Shinobu Suzuki created his own hand creams.
Delivering only the best, from one person to another.This is how we began, and represents everything we are today.Even now, we breathe through a unique network of beauty directors.In the field of beauty, of course, and also in many other areas.We will maintain closeness with all of our customers.To expand the potential of individuals, with no limits.We Care More. This is our new promise.
People, society, and our planet. We will care for all three.Changing the world, and providing thoughtful consideration.We will continue to search for ways to provide products and services that benefit beauty and health that have not yet been discovered.Defending the value of diversity. Embracing regional characteristics.Choosing sustainable methods.Putting science, art, and love into practice again.Creating things that don’t exist. These are our resolutions.
The year 2020. Things that we took for granted in the past are no more.This is why we are taking a look at what things are truly the most important.From one person to another. The value of this will never change.We won’t simply return to our starting point; the starting point will evolve.Changing the world, with care. From each and every one of us at POLA.
Founding spirit Care

Caring for people

- Communicating the Japanese values of health and beauty,culture, and consideration to the world.- Providing a level of care to customers that transcends times and places.- Trial experiences and abstract goods and services that expand possibilities.

Caring for society

- Leveraging our network to contribute to regional vitalization.- Creating new value rooted in the ideals of diversity.

Caring for the planet

- Creating and supporting connections with the rest of the world, with a focus on Asia.- Contributing to a sustainable environment and ecosystems.
Delivery from one person to another.Science.Art.Love.

We Care More

Corporate philosophy

Science.Art.Love. Creating everlasting happiness among people and communities wishing for beauty and health.

2029 vision:

Towards a society with abundant connections that trusts in the potential of individuals and society itself.