Once again, POLA is driving the evolution of wrinkle elimination.*

We want to help people around the world who worry about their wrinkles. 
From this strong conviction, in 2017 POLA introduced WRINKLE SHOT*, the first wrinkle-improving cosmetic product for medical use in Japan.

The door was opened on improving wrinkles, and several brands were born.
Even so, we won’t stop evolving.

We are a pioneer in the field of wrinkle improvement.
One area that continues to be a focus of our unique research is the individual differences in how wrinkles improve. Through an analysis of comments from 1.10 million people, we have discovered even more truths about wrinkles.

Consider the 3D dynamism theory that POLA has established.
We took aim at one of the causes behind wrinkles, and found that wrinkles could be improved by using the active ingredient NEI-L1* to penetrate deep into the dermis.

We don’t want to give up on wrinkles.
POLA won’t stop as long as there are others who share this view.
We now begin the second chapter of our journey towards the improvement of wrinkles.

We won’t stop evolving.
After all, we were the first to improve wrinkles in Japan.
A new WRINKLE SHOT has arrived.

  • The brand is being renewed, undergoing changes to its feel on the skin and other aspects.
  • Display name of all NEI-L1 ingredients: Trifluoro-isopropyl-oxopropyl aminocarbonyl pyrrolidinyl carbonyl methylpropyl aminocarbonyl benzoylamino sodium aminoacetate