Save everything that shines

Science brings evolution to the skin.
A brilliance and brightness to the skin of each individual.

We don’t want to give up on this brilliance, for your sake.
POLA has been considering how to enhance beauty for over 90 years.
We don’t look only at the skin, we look at people.
We don’t just look inside cells.
We take into account the stresses of the modern era,
as well as other factors, such as global warming.
As skin professionals, we can spare no effort in these areas.

This is the thinking behind the concept of “radical brightening”.
We have fundamentally re-examined how we think about skin brightening,
at the micro and macro levels.
We believe in the potential for perpetual brilliance that our skin has.
And we are also updating our definition of what it means to have beautiful skin.

There is science behind each iteration of WHITE SHOT.
The entire lineup makes use of expert designs developed for each type of skin-related concern.

We won’t give up on the brilliance of anyone’s skin.
This is the type of brightening that POLA makes possible.

Believe in the true power of the skin, with radical brightening.
The WHITE SHOT series from POLA

  • Radical brightening: using radical concepts to consider skin brightening from the foundation