Anti-Aging Care*1 with the New Concept of “Removing the Unnecessary.”

Skin care focused on naturally-derived botanical ingredients

We need to replenish our skin with beneficial ingredients, and also remove what it no longer needs.
“D” is an anti-aging care series that originates from this concept.
With this anti-aging care series that removes and replenishes, skin that is starting to show the first signs of aging is revitalized with a clearer, smoother, and more supple texture.

Skin Care Ingredients

All products in the D range contain POLA’s original moisturizing ingredient Golden Neem*1, which was developed to “remove” the collagen-degrading enzyme, MMP1. The D range of products will help you achieve supple skin.
* Contained in both skin care and makeup products

Featuring seven naturally-derived beauty ingredients*2 for anti-aging care that “replenishes.”

Product Lineup

Skin Care


A rich and foaming soap that draws out dirt from deep in the pores.

Simply rub the soap using the palms of your hands to create a rich lather of bouncy and bubbly foam. The foam has a thread-like viscous texture that thoroughly cleanses dirt and other impurities from your skin, leaving it looking and feeling refreshingly clean and clear. The moisturizing ingredients of raspberry and apricot extracts keep cleansed skin moisturized and plump.

100 g ¥2,750 (incl. tax)


Low stimulus type*10

A lush and viscous moisturizing lotion that plumps and refines your skin’s texture.

D Lotion has a beauty lotion-like lush richness that gradually penetrates into every corner of the stratum corneum. Contains botanical moisturizing ingredients that plump your skin and refine its texture.

120 ml ¥4,950 (incl. tax)
Refill 115 ml ¥4,400 (incl. tax)


Low stimulus type

A lush-textured and moisture-retaining milk

D Milk gently and gradually penetrates into your skin, leaving it feeling fully hydrated. The non-sticky texture plumps and softens your skin. Contains 10 naturally-derived moisturizing ingredients, including royal jelly extract and rice ceramide.

60 ml ¥5,500 (incl. tax)
Refill 55 ml ¥4,950 (incl. tax)


Low stimulus type

A moisturizing cream that feels like whipped cream

D Cream has a whipped cream-like texture that melts into every pore of your skin. It leaves your skin looking and feeling clearer, plumper, and brimming with suppleness. Contains 11 naturally-derived moisturizing ingredients, including royal jelly extract and rice ceramide.

30 g ¥7,480 (incl. tax)


Low stimulus type

A medicinal lotion that moisturizes the skin, while protecting it from becoming rough and dry.

It feels pleasantly refreshing on the skin. The naturally-derived moisturizing ingredients, and other ingredients to prevent dryness, protect the skin from becoming rough, while leaving it feeling hydrated and smooth.

150 ml ¥3,960 (incl. tax)



SPF30/PA+++, Low stimulus type

A moisturizing and light-feeling BB Cream that gives your skin a natural and beautiful finish.

The D BB Cream moisturizes your skin like a beauty lotion, while feeling pleasantly light on application. It beautifully covers patchy skin tone, pores, and unevenness, while creating a barely-there natural finish.

Available in 3 shades 30 g ¥3,520 (incl. tax) each

  1. Golden Neem (▲): Moisturizing ingredient - Melia azadirachta leaf extract ★ Neem leaf extract
  2. Beauty ingredients: Moisturizing ingredients
  3. Baby Peach Extract: Moisturizing ingredient - Peach fruit extract
  4. Rooibos Extract: Moisturizing ingredient - Rooibos extract ★ Aspalathus linearis leaf extract
  5. Brown Sugar Extract: Moisturizing ingredient - Brown sugar extract ★ Brown sugar extract-2
  6. Black Tea Extract: Moisturizing ingredient - Black tea extract
  7. Red Algae Extract: Moisturizing ingredient - Red algae extract ★ Seaweed extract-5
  8. Soybean Extract: Moisturizing ingredient - Soybean extract
  9. Ginseng X (▲): Moisturizing ingredient - Asian ginseng extract ★ Ginseng extract
  10. Low stimulus type: Patch test done on people with sensitive skin. This does not guarantee that all users will not have an allergic reaction.

▲ indicates a POLA original ingredient, or originally extracted ingredient.
★ indicates the name of all ingredients listed on the D Conditioning Lotion (quasi-drug)
* Anti-aging care: Skin care using cosmetics suited to your age