Appealing Everyday Items for Women

+9 adds on to the basic functionality of essential everyday items various aromas, textures, designs, and other elements that excite the senses.
We have prepared a lineup of these items that women will want to hold and use.

The brand name +9 (add9) is also the name of a musical chord. We were inspired by this jazzy and sweet-sounding chord technique to also add on appealing accents to everyday items.


A sophisticated scent of blackberry and lime. The fruity-green notes of this fragrance are created by subtly accenting the mellow berry scents that includes blackcurrant and blackberry, with the fresh and sharp scents of lime and grapefruit.


Each item contains moisturizing ingredients.
Every item in the +9 range contains some of the ingredients used in POLA skin care products, so you can use them to also care for your lips, fingers, and other areas of your body that need extra attention.

Hand Cream

Contains Nao Extract*1, Ginseng X*2, and Sophora Root Extract Clear*3.

Balm for Love

Contains Blackcurrant Extract*4, Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Soybean Extract*5, and Blackberry Lily Extract*6.

Bath Tablet

Contains hyaluronic acid*7 and botanical moisturizing ingredients.

Product Lineup


For pleasantly moisturized hands, enveloped in a sophisticated scent
The +9 hand cream will make your hands silky soft and smooth.

It uses POLA’s Moisture Catch Veil to hydrate your hands. The rich cream fully and easily absorbs into your skin. Your hands will look and feel silky smooth and translucent.

65 g ¥3,080 (incl. tax)


Refresh your mind and body with carbonated bubbles and an elegant aroma.
Use the +9 Bath Tablet for a bath time that softens your skin and relaxes your mind.

The carbonated gas enhances the benefits of bathing. Each tablet contains hyaluronic acid and botanical moisturizing ingredients. Your skin will feel intensely moisturized and silky smooth. And the two elegant aromas will refresh your mind and body.

2 types of 5 × 50 g tablets ¥3,190 (incl. tax)


For areas that need some extra care. The +9 Balm for Love will give you a glamorous beauty.
(Emollient cream for lips and nails)

This luxuriantly rich balm melts into your skin to smoothen and hydrate it. Use it on your lips, nails, cuticles and other areas that need some extra care.

9.5 g ¥2,750 (incl. tax)


A hand soap that cleanses well for translucent-looking and moist hands, enveloped in a sophisticated scent.

Botanical cleansing ingredients create a smooth lather of bubbles that keep your hands moisturized and clean. The sophisticated scent wafts from your hands to surround you with an atmosphere of elegance.

240 ml ¥1,540 (incl. tax)

  1. NAO Extract: Moisturizing ingredient - Hypericum extract
  2. Ginseng X: Moisturizing ingredient - Asian ginseng extract
  3. Sophora Root Extract Clear: Moisturizing ingredient - Sophora root extract
  4. Blackcurrant Extract: Moisturizing ingredient - Blackcurrant fruit extract
  5. Soybean Extract: Moisturizing ingredient - Soybean seed extract
  6. Blackberry Lily Extract: Moisturizing ingredient - Blackberry lily extract
  7. Hyaluronic acid: Moisturizing ingredient- Hyaluronic acid Na