The EAU DE FLEUR series (excluding the products listed below) will no longer be sold.

A Body Care Series That Envelops You in a Delicate Floral Aroma

EAU DE FLEUR is a luxury body care series that wraps your skin in an elegant, fragrance-like aroma.

We have worked with perfumers to carefully develop the “fragrance-quality” aroma of this series.
Use EAU DE FLEUR products to make your daily body care a luxurious time of self care. We hope you will experience a sumptuous time caring for your body with these items.


EAU DE FLEUR products are filled with the dewy and delicate fragrance-like aromas of freshly-picked flowers.
They contain high-quality essential oils that create fresh and elegant scents.
We have worked with perfumers to carefully develop and infuse the products with an original blend of perfumed water, which has “fragrance-quality” scented notes that change throughout the day. We hope you will enjoy the subtle changes in the top, middle, and base notes of these delicate aromas.


We are also particular about the moisturizing ingredients used in the EAU DE FLEUR series. The products contain some of the proven ingredients used in POLA’s skin care series. In addition to osmotic collagen*1, Eau De Fleur products contain the moisturizing ingredient of Cornflower Extract found in roses, and Marjoram Extract found in the Casa Blanca lily. We recommend you select the right product for you not only based on your preferred aroma, but also on how it feels on your skin; for instance, rose for autumn and winter, and Casa Blanca lily for spring and summer.

Product Lineup

Only the products listed below are currently being sold.


A body gel with the fresh aroma of the Casa Blanca lily. Use it to refresh skin damaged by ultraviolet rays.

This hydrating gel-textured cream provides a long-lasting cooling sensation. The non-sticky texture will make your skin look and feel moisturized, silky smooth, and translucent. We hope you will enjoy the elegant aroma of the Casa Blanca lily, accented by Japanese peppermint.

150 g ¥4,290 (incl. tax)


A body cream for glamorously soft skin enveloped in a Venus rose aroma.

This rich and intensely hydrating cream luxuriously wraps your skin in an elegant rose aroma, which is subtly accented by a fresh apple scent.
It contains five types of moisturizing ingredients. Enjoy the melt-into-the-skin sensation of this lush body cream.

150 g ¥4,290 (incl. tax)


A set of solid soap bars in the two aromas of rose and Casa Blanca lily.

This set contains solid soap bars in the rose and Casa Blanca lily aromas. We have improved the lathering and scent quality to create a set for customers who are particular about the soap they use.

¥1,980 (incl. tax)

  1. Osmotic collagen: Moisturizing ingredient - Hydrolyzed collagen
  2. Cornflower Extract: Moisturizing ingredient - Centaurea cyanus flower extract
  3. Marjoram Extract: Moisturizing ingredient - Marjoram leaf extract