The design concept is "Liberty"
The handwritten-style logo mark is a testament to the brand’s commitment.

The freedom you gain when released from skin concerns. It's the turning point of your new life.
The "Liberty" design concept is based on the idea of this free and bright future.
The borderless, sprawling lines are inspired by graffiti, and express the freedom you will be able to obtain with WHITE SHOT products.

The packaging is an expression of the brand itself

We believe that revamping a design does not only renew a product's image, it is also an opportunity to restate the brand’s ambitions. This renewal takes over the WHITE SHOT message with dynamic and playful packaging. The dynamically positioned container logo and the sparkle yellow graphic which stretches across like graffiti is an expression of a future with freedom.
We hope that everyone will feel the breath of fresh air that is WHITE SHOT when holding the package in their hands.

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